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Ashot Vorobyov
Ashot Vorobyov

Starlight Tears By Kim Yoo Kyung

(english)credits: crazykyootie @ soompithe white starlight envelops the tearsthe tears fall in the warm winddo you feel it?this trembling, quiet whisper that is going your way

starlight tears by kim yoo kyung

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In a recent paper, Kuchner, Crepp, and Ge describe new image-plane coronagraph mask designs that reject to eighth order the leakage of starlight caused by image motion at the mask, resulting in a substantial relaxation of image centroiding requirements compared to previous fourth-order and second-order masks. They also suggest that the new masks are effective at rejecting leakage caused by low-order aberrations (e.g., focus, coma, and astigmatism). In this paper, we derive the sensitivity of eighth-order masks to aberrations of any order and provide simulations of coronagraph behavior in the presence of optical aberrations.We find that the masks leak light as the fourth power of focus, astigmatism, coma, and trefoil. This has tremendous performance advantages for the Terrestrial Planet Finder Coronagraph.

To investigate the influence of sodium hyaluronate solution (HA) and artificial tears (AT) on higher-order aberrations (HOAs). Twenty four eyes of 24 normal subjects and 11 eyes of 11 dry eye patients were examined. Cornea and ocular wavefront aberrations (total, spherical-like and coma-like) were measured with a Hartmann-Shack wavefront aberrometer before and after 0.1% or 0.3% HA, AT. The consecutively obtained data of the cornea and ocular HOAs were analyzed in the central 4-mm diameter for coma-like, spherical-like and total HOAs. Average HOAs, as well as fluctuation index (FI) and stability index (SI) of the HOAs over time were compared between the two groups. In normal subjects, the AVE of all aberration parameters and FI showed an increase depending on viscosity of the HA (p

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