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For those of us in Mexico who are involved in cultural initiatives, the year 2020 has proven to be severely damaging to the economy of our small cultural businesses.


Cultural projects and people involved in them are a fundamental pillar of society which, in response to these times of uncertainty, have continued to generate a wide range of activities to bring culture to your home, with the help of virtual technologies.


However, these small cultural industries provide income for thousands of people, institutions, and projects, lack the economic strength of larger companies, and so they struggle to sustain themselves in the face of the containment measures related to COVID-19.


At 101 Museums Mexico we ask you to help us help others. We have crafted this beautiful memory game. It is a unique and beautifully designed product that includes, for the first time, Mexican museums. By acquiring this game, you are helping us support the promotion of Mexican museums. In its museums, Mexico holds a rich and extensive cultural heritage that deserves to be known. We appreciate that you kindly spread this message and consider purchasing this original product.

Creación 101 A.C

101 Museos México

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Mexico is a country with a long and splendid history that links back to, at least, thirty centuries. “101 Museums Mexico” is the first guide to museums in the country. Our website includes over 750 museums across Mexico. Visit us at

The selection of 101 Museums in this memory game is not, nor is it intended to be, a museum ranking. The selection criteria take into account the importance of each site within a set of values: educational, research, architectural, preservation, heritage, touristic and representativeness in society.

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  • A product that promotes museums, tourism and the importance of Mexico's heritage.

  • Unique piece in Mexico. There are no similar products in our country.

  • High quality decorative product, handmade case.

  • 101 Mexico Museums

  • An little gift from Mexico.

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