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How Long Does a Tetanus Shot Last?

Tetanus is a potentially life-threatening bacterial infection caused by Clostridium tetani, which enters the body through open wounds or cuts. To prevent tetanus, individuals receive tetanus vaccinations, typically as part of a combined vaccine called the Tdap or DTaP (for children) that also protects against diphtheria and pertussis. The question of how long does a tetanus shot last is a common one, and the answer depends on the type of vaccine received:

Tdap Vaccine: The Tdap vaccine provides protection against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis. After the initial series of shots during childhood, a Tdap booster is recommended every ten years. This means the vaccine can provide protection against tetanus for a decade.

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Why You Shouldn't Donate Plasma

While plasma donation is an important and potentially life-saving process for many medical treatments, there are situations in which individuals should consider not donating plasma. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't donate plasma:

Health Concerns: If you have certain medical conditions, such as certain infections, chronic illnesses, or low hemoglobin levels, it may not be safe for you to donate plasma. Donors should be in good health to ensure the safety of both the donor and the recipient.

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What Is the First Sign of Multiple Myeloma?

Multiple myeloma is a type of cancer that affects plasma cells, a specific type of white blood cell. In its early stages, multiple myeloma may not exhibit any noticeable symptoms, making it challenging to diagnose. However, as the disease progresses, several signs and symptoms may emerge. What is the first sign of multiple myeloma can vary from person to person, but common early indications include:

Bone Pain: Bone pain, often in the lower back, ribs, hips, or skull, is a common initial symptom. Multiple myeloma can weaken bones, making them more susceptible to fractures.

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