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Isaiah Edwards
Isaiah Edwards

[S7E5] Alternate Universe

When Bashir is suddenly called away to the infirmary to assist Dr. Girani, Sarina puts aside his suggestion that she tour the station with Ezri in favor of returning to the cargo bay, where she finds her friends formulating a plan to try to alter the cosmological constant by using many subspace field generators to avert the big crunch, the hypothetical opposite of the big bang at the end of the universe (when Patrick asks how much time they have, Jack replies "sixty trillion years, seventy at most"). Jack chastises Sarina's assertion of the implausibility of this plan: "You know something, Sarina? We're trying to save existence as we know it, and all you can do is criticize." This statement causes Sarina to reevaluate attempting to fit in with her old friends, their iron determination forcing her back to the role of a mute observer.

[S7E5] Alternate Universe

Later, Bashir explains to Jack and the others that Sarina will not be returning to the Institute with them but will instead be staying in her own quarters on the station. Patrick implores Bashir to help the three of them the way he has helped Sarina, but Lauren and Jack quickly bring him to the realization that they are beyond help and that their already small group has now been further diminished. Dejected, they return to their efforts to save the universe. Learning of this, Sarina wishes to commiserate with her friends before their departure. However, Bashir persuades her that there will be time for that the next morning, that her friends need time to grow accustomed to her absence, and that she should come with him to have some fun.

"The fact is that the universe is going to stop expanding and it is going to collapse in on itself. We've got to do something before it's too late.""How much time do we have left?""Sixty trillion years, seventy at the most.""Oh, no."

A murder investigation launches Castle into what seems to be an alternate universe where he's never met Kate Beckett. Castle has to convince Beckett, Esposito and Ryan -- now complete strangers -- to let him participate in their investigation so he can find his way back to his own world. This inspires Castle & Beckett to finally take a trip to the altar.

In this installment, the boys are yet again sent into an alternate universe, this time by the Trickster. For the entire episode, the Winchester brothers find themselves trapped in other popular TV shows including a sitcom, game show, and hospital drama.

Inferno was the fourth and final serial of season 7 of Doctor Who. It was the final regular appearance of Caroline John as Liz Shaw, although her departure is not depicted. It was also the first Doctor Who story to explore the concept of parallel universes.

The Doctor is accidentally transported "sideways in time" by the partially repaired TARDIS control console into a parallel universe where the drilling project is at a more advanced stage. Thwarted by his friends' ruthless alter egos, he works to save both universes.

On the way, the Doctor notices that the drilling is three hours and twenty minutes away from the core, much in advance of where the Doctor has come from. The Doctor is brought before Stahlmann, who is referred to here as the Director but, unlike his bearded counterpart in the Doctor's universe, is clean-shaven, wears dark-tinted glasses and white gloves. The Doctor asks to see Sir Keith, but Director Stahlmann tells him that Sir Keith was killed in a car accident twenty-four hours ago, while on his way to the ministry in London. The Doctor draws attention to the broken computer that was giving out warning signs before it broke down. The Director accuses the Doctor of having sabotaged it and calls him away. He turns to Dr. Petra Williams, the Assistant Director of the project, and asks her to continue the drilling. Sutton tells her that there is no pressure getting to the drill head. Dr. Williams says she is aware of this, and tells Stahlmann what Sutton told her. He refuses to decelerate. Once Stahlmann is left alone, he feels a pain in his hand. He takes off the glove, and the hand beneath is bright green all over and hairy.

Sutton and Director Stahlmann argue about the safety precautions. Dr. Williams starts to listen to the Doctor's theories. The Doctor says that the heat and the pressure is proving too much for the velocity of the drill and that the only way to counteract it is to produce a reverse vortex by reversing all the systems. Reluctantly, Stahlmann agrees, then sends the Doctor away. Elizabeth compliments the Doctor, and then asks where he came from. He repeats his story about the parallel universe. Elizabeth asks about the version of herself in the Doctor's universe, and he says that she is a scientist. Elizabeth says that there is no similarity, but when the Doctor asks if she ever contemplated being a scientist, she admits she studied physics at university. The Doctor points out that it is there where the two points diverged. Elizabeth is doubtful, but the Doctor encourages her to think for herself.

Back in the Doctor's universe, the Brigadier tells Liz that the UNIT soldiers have searched the entire complex for the Doctor, to no avail. They will not extend their search beyond the complex. Liz is concerned that the Doctor could be anywhere in space or time. When the Brigadier says that the Doctor can look after himself, Liz warns that he is not indestructible.

In the parallel universe, the Doctor awakens to snarling from the sleeping figure in the next cell. He calls for the guard, who enters to investigate. He is attacked and killed by the animalised human who has emerged from under the bedclothes. The creature approaches the Doctor and bends the bars to enter the Doctor's cell. The Doctor flips his mattress onto the creature, knocking him over, and escapes via the creature's open cell, locking the door behind him. The Doctor runs into the complex and approaches a Land Rover. Surrounded by people and in an effort to hide, he gets into the back of the truck and it then drives off.

In the Doctor's universe, Sir Keith is on the way back from the ministry when he notices he is being taken a different route. The driver, Patterson, informs him that there is traffic. Sir Keith tries the car phone, but it isn't working. Sir Keith tells Patterson that the minister has suspended the drilling pending a full review. Sir Keith begins to become suspicious of Patterson, and he eventually confesses that Stahlman ordered him to take the long route home and stage a car breakdown. Sir Keith asks Patterson to return to the complex, but as he does, there is a loud screech of brakes as the pair are involved in a car accident...

The Doctor tells Sutton that he can go if he wants, but he refuses. Sutton asks the Doctor how he will convince them to stop drilling in his own universe. The Doctor says he may be able to convince Sir Keith. Sutton says he is dead, and the Doctor says he may still be alive in his own universe.

In the Doctor's universe, the Brigadier receives a phone call saying that Sir Keith has disappeared. Benton enters and says that Professor Stahlman is refusing to see the Brigadier and has insulted him. The Brigadier loses his temper and furiously orders Benton to bring Stahlman to him; even if it means carrying him!

In the parallel universe, Sutton is still holding off the animalised humans. The Doctor has fixed the master switch, Sutton clears a path with the coolant, and they both escape, grabbing fire extinguishers as they go.

The Doctor awakens to the Brigadier and Liz, and tells the Brigadier he looks better with his moustache. He checks his pulse and is healthy. The Doctor tells Liz and the Brigadier where he has been: the TARDIS console didn't take him forward or back in time, but "sideways". They think he is still delirious. The Doctor asks the Brigadier, who he calls the Brigade Leader, if they have caught the animalised scientist, whether Professor Stahlman seems ill and the state of the drilling. There is a knock at the door. It is Sir Keith, who explains about his forced delay and the car accident. The Doctor is overjoyed to see he has survived his accident. Sir Keith tells the Brigadier that Stahlman is going to face some serious charges. The Doctor has realised that with an infinity of universes comes an infinity of choices, free will is not an illusion and patterns can be changed. The Doctor stops the Brigadier from calling a doctor for him, and tells Sir Keith what is going to happen.

In "Hole in the Sky", Acxa along with Lotor waits out the Paladins' trip to visit the alternate reality and is seen correcting Ezor for calling the alternate reality "another dimension." She is presumably one of the generals who go and retrieve the transreality comet when Voltron drops it when they escape the alternate reality.

She is also highly intelligent. She is knowledgeable of many scientific facts, including those in subjects such as in chemistry. People making incorrect judgments or stating false facts bothers her, and she is quick to correct them. This is the case in the Hunted, when Zethrid is frustrated that Lotor isn't attacking the paladins, Acxa is quick to clarify that he cannot. For synthian nitrate - the gas that he was currently driving through - was highly combustible, and if he were to attack, it would explode. She also corrects Ezor in Hole in the Sky for making the error of calling the alternate reality "another dimension," much to Ezor's annoyance. When asked about Thayserix, Acxa explains the geology of the planet, and why Lotor would choose it as the location to lead the Voltron paladins to.

After reuniting with Fitz, he explains the time travel saying they got transferred to an alternate universe and have to go back. However, someone would have to stay behind to press the button to send them back. Shaw decides it is him. They say their final goodbyes and Shaw pushes the button, leaving all of his friends. The remaining agents ask Shaw if he is their new director to which he responds with a quick "yes." The team and chornicom vessels are sent in the future back to where they jumped, 2019, right after the battle with Izel. Fitz reminds Simmons of how they lived many years together since it didn't matter how long they took to build all of the componets. In order to maintain the loop, the part of the team goes down in blue hazmat suits to retrieve a piece of the monolith and help their past selves. While May, Coulson, Johnson, Mackenzie, and Kora go to the Vessels to stop the Chronicoms. The hunters attack the agents on the ground but are stopped by the power of May and Kora to send a beacon giving them empathy and changing their minds to help he agents. Coulson then talks with Sibyl, Coulson reveals their plan and Sibyl asks what happens next to where May falls on top of her from the ceiling as says, "The Cavalry." Johnson engages Malick and they fight. Quake powers against Quake powers. Malick exclaims that he is more powerful and there's no way to beat him without fying. Johnson says that's the idea and sets of a bigger quake that destroys the whole vessel, killing Malick, Sibyl, all of the chronicoms and herself. The team retrieves Johnson's body and Kora resurrects her using her powers. On the ground, Fitz-Simmons run over to a containment module and open it up, revealing their daughter, Alya Fitz. Simmons hugs her as she finally remembers. 041b061a72

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