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Bullet Raja Movie Download 720pl [EXCLUSIVE]

Tigmanshu Dhulia started it with 'Haasil' on the backdrop of Uttar Pradesh dirty politics. "Haasil" explored the rural India, leaving the chiffon cinema aside; it showed that that there is real and earthy world beyond the picturesque imageries. He has been consistently trying to give us a taste of unsophisticated and practical realm.Tigmanshu's first masala film 'Bullett Raja' have same flavor but the effort is mediocre here, mainly due to abrupt editing, loose screenplay and forced songs sequences.We again witness earthy, rugged and edgy portions which are far from urban and looked truly rural."Bullett Raja" is about of two youngsters, Raja Mishra (Saif Ali Khan) and Rudra Tripathi (Jimmy Shergil) who engulfed themselves in the lands of dirty politics of Uttar Pradesh. They rise like heroes and on the flip side it deteriorates they tranquil lives.Story is merely a revenge drama, but, the writing doesn't hold as the movie progresses. The screenplay is abrupt and flat. The best bit are the action sequences, it separates from the contemporary movies where we can see everything flying with no role of gravity. The action scenes looked really authentic with bullet firing in every 5 minutes. The love track was rushed and abrupt. The other thing which works here are the edgy and fabulous dialogs as always. It has now become the trademark of Dhulia. The climax is predictable; you will probably understand every nuance which the writer tried to reveal at the very end.The film consists a good start cast (mostly Dhulia's favorite) and peculiar dialogs. Music by Sajid-Wajid is really forgettable as songs do not add anything.Saif Ali Khan does a wonderful act here, carrying the entire film. He character is very well written. Jimmy Sheirgill is always good and does a fabulous job here. Sonakshi Sinha is common in all the movies now a days and she does the same thing, once again.Bullett Raja delivers only in parts. The arena was right but it lacked the execution and writing for other actors was not coherent.

Bullet Raja Movie Download 720pl

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