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~READ> EPUB House of Lies and Sorrow: Fae of Rewyth Book 1 by Emily Blackwood ccq

Download Or Read PDF House of Lies and Sorrow: Fae of Rewyth Book 1 by Emily Blackwood Free Full Pages Online With Audiobook.

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[*] Read PDF Here => House of Lies and Sorrow: Fae of Rewyth Book 1

House of Lies and Sorrow: Fae of Rewyth Book 1Dance with the Fae Prince meets Cruel Beauty in this Young Adult Arranged Marriage Fae Fantasy.Jade Farrow will die tomorrow. Her fate was decided years ago, when her useless father made a deal with the greedy fae king to save his own life. Now, she is being sent to marry one of the five ruthless fae princes. The only problem is that she is not the first human to marry a fae prince. And like every human wife before her, Jade is going to be killed before she can find a way out.Malachi Weyland is the heir to the fae throne. Its the reason his brothers have despised him all these years, and its the reason his father is adamant on finding him a human wife. Malachi has one job, and that is to unite the fae and human lands. But Malachi has a secret, and its one that gives him his rightful name amongst both the human and fae lands: The Prince of Shadows.Jade and Malachi are faced with life-or-death challenges as Jade is thrown into Malachis magical world. Will she die just like every wife before her? Or will Malachi, the same fae who is feared across all of Rewyth, be the one to save her life?Show no weakness. Yield no mercy.House of Lies and Sorrow is a fast-paced, arranged-marriage story between born enemies who are forced to work together. Readers who love slow-burn, angsty enemies-to-lovers stories between a broody fae prince and a stubborn human bride will love this magical first installment of the Fae of Rewyth series!Other titles by Emily BlackwoodAll The Crown's Shadows (The Wicked Flames Saga book 1)All The Crown's Embers (The Wicked Flames Saga book 2)All The Crown's Ashes (The Wicked Flames Saga book 3)House of Lies and Sorrow (Fae of Rewyth book 1)About the AuthorEmily Stewart (writing under Emily Blackwood) is a 24 year old fantasy-obsessed coffee lover. Emily works a full-time job in the technology field, and while she has always been an avid reader in the YA Fantasy genre, she never considered writing her own books until 2020 when she began writing her debut novel All The Crown's Shadows. Now, Emily has four published titles in two different series and plans to continue publishing to share her love for hidden magic, the chosen one tropes, and encapsulating fantasy settings.You can find Emily on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook at @authoremilyblackwood .Read by Emily Blackwood.

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