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Download Waifu Academy [v0.9.8 Part One] Walkthrough

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Download Waifu Academy [v0.9.8 Part One] Walkthrough

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Description:This game is situated in the special academy named Sazaki. There are so many hot girls, they all are naughty and ready for different experiments with multiple partners. You are that lucky young guy who will be able to have fun with them, as you're actually seeking the revenge on those who tortured you with all examination :)More: Renpy BugsVersion: Updated: 2023-01-22, Posted: 2022-05-18. Request for an Update!

I solved by going at this link, -academy.html , downloading the game, transferring the save data game and running through the scene (there are problem even if you download but it is simplier to avoid them) 041b061a72

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