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Isaiah Edwards
Isaiah Edwards

I'm Thinking Of Ending Things Felirat Magyar [2021]

Found this game through Markiplier, but decided that I needed to play the ending for myself rather than watching it. And in a word, I was spellbound. I couldn't stop thinking about this game all day while I was at work. I can definitely say this was the best $10 I ever spent, and I need to go back and play this game again. I loved this game, and can't wait to explore the rest of your work in the future.

I'm Thinking of Ending Things felirat magyar

Download Zip:

Homer's childhood was a tragic one. His mother had to exile at a young age and his father never took notice to Homer. This caused Homer to be very insecure about himself and underachieving things, thinking he lacked the skills to do so, which left him behind in almost everything and likely caused him to be what he is today.

Homer is very protective of Lisa and shows a soft side to her that Bart has never seen. She is his little girl and when Homer disappoints her or makes her sad, he will often times go to the end of the earth to make things right. Homer sometimes does activities with Lisa which he doesn't enjoy simply to make her happy, such as attending the ballet. That being said, Lisa and Homer do not get along very well. When Homer does accompany Lisa on such intellectual trips, he oftentimes embarrasses her, usually by either falling asleep, saying something rude or unintellectual, or else displaying disgusting habits (scratching his butt, burping, etc.). When Lisa becomes upset, Homer can't usually figure out what it is he did wrong. They have little to talk about because of their differences in interests and intellectual caliber, so Homer far prefers to do tasks with Bart and leave Lisa alone.

  • Comedy Gabriel Iglesias once told a story about when he drove his kid to school late. He tried to drop him off right in front, which he wasn't supposed to do. When the principal came up and told him so, Gabriel tried to get out of it by speaking rapid-fire Spanish at her. She then proceeds to repeat her instructions in perfect (if accented) Spanish, ending it with "Yo no soy pendeja." ("I'm not stupid") Happened again, this time with his mother on the receiving end after Gabriel first brought home his girlfriend (later wife) and she complained to him in Spanish about him bringing a white girl home. His girlfriend then responded in Spanish, since while being very light skinned she was herself Mexican.

  • And as a Brick Joke, his call to On-Star customer service had the receptionist turn out to be the Sassy Black Woman he'd argued with at a hotel years before, who, after a beat, asked " that "ee-glacias" wit' an I?". He immediately hung up and called the Spanish version, only to hear "I speak Spanish too, motherfucker!"

  • Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham does an odd play on this. At one point his puppets Peanut and Jose Jalepeno on a Steek begin conversing with one another in Spanish. Jeff complains to them that he doesn't speak Spanish. Lampshaded by the puppets who, after giving him an Aside Glance, has Jose start singing The Twilight Zone theme while Peanut remarks "Picture if you will..."

  • Henry Cho (a Korean-American comedian from Tennessee) has a routine about how he went to South Korea on vacation and was approached by another American tourist who asks him, "IS THIS THE BUS-Y THAT GOES-Y DOWN-Y TOWN-Y?!" Response: "I reckon so. So, what's yer name...?"

  • Carlos Mencia once went to France, and got into an argument with a French server over warm beverages. While he admits that a lot of the argument was his fault due to a cross-cultural misunderstanding, he still got one up on the server when he revealed he spoke perfect French.Mencia: Don't tell me to Suck It in French thinking I don't know the language!


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